The Jewish area in Armenia can trace the roots straight back almost 2,000 many years to following destruction associated with 1st Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

The Jewish area in Armenia can trace the roots straight back almost 2,000 many years to following destruction associated with 1st Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

Nowadays, the Jewish inhabitants in Armenia is roughly lower than 100 men and women

Neighborhood Records

The Jewish society of Armenia goes virtually 2,000 age. Numerous historians date the introduction in the first Jewish payment in Armenia to the destruction of First Temple. Through the conquest of King Tigranes II the fantastic, Tigranes put with your 10,000 Jewish captives to Armenia as he retreated from Palestine, as a result of the Roman attack on Armenia (69 B.C.E.). By 360-370 C.E., there is a huge escalation in Jewish Hellenistic immigration into Armenia; lots of Armenian cities turned into predominately Jewish. During this time period, but the Persian Shapur II started deporting lots and lots of Jews to Iran.

Halakhic studies never prospered in Armenia, even though there are a few records with the area in Jewish Hellenistic means. During Medieval occasions, almost all of Armenian Jewry vanished as a distinct organization in your community, although some historians believe they truly became a part of the Kurdish Jewry. There is a historical Jewish cemetery located in the area for Vayots Dzor, into the town of Eghegis, south and to the west of Yerevan. There are many more than 40 tombstones dating back to to your 13th 100 years, 16 tombstones with Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions.

Jews from Poland and Persia initially started showing up in Armenia in the early nineteenth century. Since 1840, Jewish settlers set up both Ashkenazic and Sephardic forums in Yerevan. To 1924, the Sephardic synagogue, Shiek Mordechai, ended up being the leading establishment among Jewish community.

After and during World War II, hundreds of displaced Jews moved to Soviet Armenia. The Jewish inhabitants of Armenia expanded to approximately 5,000 men. In 1959, the Jewish people peaked in Soviet Armenia at around 10,000 folk. Another revolution of Jewish immigrants arrived in the country between 1965 and 1972, mostly intelligentsia, military, and designers. These Jews arrived from Russia and Ukraine, drawn to the more liberal people. These days, the Jewish society keeps fewer than 1,000 people because emigration and absorption. Between 1992 and 1994, over 6,000 Jews immigrated to Israel for the reason that Armenia’s political isolation and economic depression. In 1995, the Chabad residence is established in Yerevan. The Chabad residence supplies free dinners, provides classes in Hebrew and Jewish traditions, and cares for the people elderly.

The speed of intermarriage among Jews and Christian Armenians is really high. In an interview, Rabbi Berstein from the Yerevan Chabad explained the Jewish neighborhood as “‘too small’ to get of great interest to most Jewish companies.” Nearly 1 / 2 of the Jewish population lives in Yerevan. Seven, Yerevan and Vanadzor have actually productive Jewish area facilities.

At the beginning of 2002, Rimma Varzhapetian turned into the chairman associated with the Jewish people of Armenia. The sole rabbi in Armenia is actually Rabbi Gershom Meir Berstein in the Chabad in Yerevan. In 2004, the Jewish society, through support of Chabad, began creating kosher delicacies. Gradually, the Jewish neighborhood is actually rebuilding alone in Armenia.

People Companies

The American Jewish Joint submission Committee (JDC) is quite effective in Armenia assisting seniors, through charity Orot Hesed. The JDC works through the Yerevan synagogue to present budget for edibles products, fuel, and treatments. This product supports nearly 80 folk.

The Jewish people of Armenia (JCA) in Yerevan additionally sponsors products for Jews. In later part of the 2002, the JCA printed the community’s basic publication.

The Jewish service for Israel (JAFI) maintains a Sunday school, a Hesed elderly center, a few youngsters groups and communal tasks in Armenia. The spiritual culture of Armenia furthermore aids a moment Sunday school and a summer camp, both situated in Yerevan. Menorah, the Armenia-Israel community group, performs lots of tasks locally. Popular Hebrew was taught at county university since 1995.

In 1992, the Jewish spiritual society of Armenia was established in Yerevan. This Chabad business keeps a rabbi, the next sunday-school in Armenia and a residential area middle for programs and gatherings. It also helps a summer camp and charity applications. Discover once a week Shabbat treatments and vacation treatments used on Yerevan synagogue. Since 1997, the Jewish spiritual people features printed the publication, Koelet, to keep the city informed.

There is also a little Jewish community in Sevan that periodically retains providers led of the head rabbi with the Yerevan Synagogue.


Typically, Jews and Armenian Christians have acquired great connections. Both groups have actually ancient cultural and religious origins in Armenia which have aided all of them through tinder przeglД…d contemporary persecutions. Nevertheless, Jews are believed aliens in Armenia and never full people.

Anti-Semitism do are present in Armenia, even though it does not happen frequently. For-instance, in March 2002, Romen Yepiskoposyan posted an anti-Semitic publication. In addition the mass media and regional authorities started a boycott associated with the Holocaust memorial.

Caused by Armenia and Turkey’s have actually bad relationship eventually, most of the anti-Semitism in Armenia stems from the good connections between poultry and Israel as well as the U . S ..

Neighborhood Relations

The Armenian Jewish neighborhood has actually good interaction with regards to authorities. Armenian Jewry may worship and practice Jewish customs freely as a result of the 1991 Armenian Law on liberty of Conscience, amended in 1997, of split of chapel and county. In 1996, hawaii registration agencies required every public company to join up using the county. The Jewish Religious Community of Armenia try authorized making use of the panel on Nationalities.

In 1999, the JCA planted trees in Yerevan in commemoration from the Holocaust in addition to Armenian Genocide Memorial.

A state-sponsored station broadcasts a regular television show highlighting Jewish and Israeli culture. The Armenian government is cooperating using Jewish society to access Torah scrolls confiscated in the past and put in condition choices.

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